Back In The Highlands

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Back In The Highlands

Back In The Highlands
Music and text by Dave Rosewood

Producer: Dave Rosewood
Co-Producer: Björn Holm
Sound Engineer/Mixing: Björn Holm

Dave Rosewood: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Björn Holm: Accordion Backing Vocals
Roger “Bullford” Olofsson: Bass, Backing Vocals
Monica Paulsson: Percussion, Backing Vocals
Ulf Nilsson: Fiddle, Backing Vocals
Ronny “Kolle” Karlsson: Studio Technician
Cover Photo: Johanna i Kulla
Graphic Design: Evan Watkins

Recorded March 8th 2019 at Aula Studios, Mariannelund, Sweden

Release Date: 2019-06-03

All rights reserved by Dave Rosewood Music
Digital Distribution by Skivtryck/DiscRepublic

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Back in 1825 when the cattle all died and the well went dry.
My granddad´s granddad set sail for parts unknown.
When he got a little money he sent for his wife
And that´s where they started their life
And all they took with them was the songs that they had sung.

Well I got a call on the phone one day
from a man said son we like how you play
Won´t you get over here and do a show or two.
When I got there it was a beautiful sight
Man in a kilt playin bagpipes
And I knew right then that´s where I want to be

Back in the Highlands, where country was born.
From Stornoway to Inverness, all the way to the border.
Froggy went a courtin´in the Ozark Mountians and now he´s back for sure
Back in the Highlands, where country was born.

Well I´m rollin in a van through the country side,
A different town every night,
Showin´these folks just what we can do.
It all started with my granddad singin a tune,
That he heard his granddad singin too.
Now I´m back in the land where the flag is white and blue.