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Drinkin Man

Drinkin Man coverMusic and text by Dave Rosewood

Producer: Dave Rosewood
Co-Producer: Björn Holm
Sound Engineer/Mixing: Björn Holm

Dave Rosewood: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Björn Holm: Melody Guitar, Piano Backing Vocals
Roger “Bullford” Olofsson: Bass
Monica Paulsson: Percussion
Ulf Nilsson: Fiddle
Ronny “Kolle” Karlsson: Studio Technician
Cover Photo: Dave Rosewood Music
Graphic Design: Dave Rosewood/Björn Holm
Recorded March 8th 2019 at Aula Studios, Mariannelund, Sweden

Record Label: Aula Studios
Release Date: 2019-08-26

All rights reserved by Dave Rosewood Music

Digital Distribution by Skivtryck/DiscRepublic
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